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We have been producing umbrella since 2023

 as Umbrella 、Hotel Supplies(Linen, sheets, quilts etc  )custom advertising hat、outdoor product 、Trade integration, procurement solution 、

 we produce in Guangzhou China, we export to many countries in the World with our expert and professional team in the field. We are working to provide the best service to our customers

We are able to receive orders from all over the world without the minimum order quantity of 1 or 1000 pieces Because we focus on customer satisfaction we have no minimum order limitation. 

Our aim is to continue our business regardless of any Quantity.

Our aim is that all our customers the product or products that they have purchased to send in a flawless and fast manner, to do not embarrass ourselves and our customers against anyone.

Our customers, whatever product  they want, we can find a solution. First of all we prepare a drawing sample on the computer, after the confirmation we prepare a real sample.

Our aim is to produce the best quality umbrella,hotel supplies , wherever take an order in the world.

Our customers will know that the umbrella,hotel supplies, they have bought from Gold umbrella, will arrive with quality and flawlessly till the door.

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